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Below are a selection of videos taken from my YouTube Channel.  For the most current videos be sure to visit my channel and subscribe.

Reliability of the bible [YouTube videos]

  1. Check Your Source – Bible is Copies to the 20th Generation (00:45)
  2. Five More Myths About the Bible: Daniel B. Wallace, Ph.D
  3. New Testament Reliability – Daniel B. Wallace Ph.D (10:30)
  4. Is the Bible Historically Reliable  Dr. Michael J. Kruger (1:26)
  5. New Testament manuscripts vs Other Ancient Text Dr. Ed Gravely (5:39)
  6. Are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John the actually authors Dr. Darrell Bock (5:18)
  7. Explaining the variants in the New Testament Part 1 (4:43)
  8. Explaining the variants in the New Testament Part 2 (4:53)
  9. Disputed Passages in the New Testament Daniel Wallace Ph.D  (42:28)
  10. Explaining the Bible’s Errors Ph.D Michael J. Kruger (4:00)
  11. Gnostic Gospels Manuscript Evidence Wallace (3:32)
  12. Worlds leading skeptical Scholar: Core Christian Tenets Reliable  (2:29)
  13. Bible Reliability: Embarrassing Content – Sean McDowell, PhD (4:25)
  14. Bible Reliability: Cost to the Authors – Sean McDowell, PhD (3:00)
  15. Bible Reliability: Error over Time – Sean McDowell, PhD (15:45)
  16. Did the Early Church Muzzle the Canon – Dan Wallace (4:46)

Selected Lectures and Commentaries [Videos]

  1. The Two Powers in Heaven (1:21)
  2. Jericho: From Myth to History (29:20)
  3. CNN News: Pool of Siloam Discovery (4:37)
  4. The Flat Earth Myth (6:22)
  5. Who Authored the Gospels (5:18)
  6. DaVinci Code Myth – Bart Ehrman Ph.D Bible Skeptic (1:32)
  7. Da Vinci Code & Gnostic Gospels – Gary Habermas Ph.D (30:07)
  8. Breaking the Da Vinci Code – Darrell Bock Ph.D Bible Scholar (1:24:00)

Selected Debates [Videos]

  1. Resurrection: William Lane Craig vs Bishop John Shelby Spong (1:45:40)
  2. Is The New Testament Lost?: Daniel Wallace/Bart Erhman (1:56:51)
  3. Was the Resurrection an Invention: Habermas vs Humphreys (1:42:13)
  4. Does God Exist?: William Lane Craig vs Peter Millican (2:18:36)
  5. Greek god Resurrections Fact or Fiction: Habermas vs Callahan (11:37)
  6. Are Miracles and Science Incompatible: John Lennox/Richard Dawkins (4:09)
  7. Has Science Buried God: Lennox Vs Dawkins (1:20:36)
  8. Empty Tomb (Resurrection): William Lane Craig / Richard Carrier (1:34:59)

The Empty Tomb / Resurrection [Videos]

  1. Contemporary Scholarship Favors the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Video 4:29)
  2. Jesus Resurrection According to Scholars (1:20:42)

Gary Habermas is a Professor who teaches PhD level students. He uses a method called “The Minimum Facts Argument” to argue for the resurrection, from only sources accepted by secular scholars skeptical of the resurrection. In the past he says, discussing Jesus empty tomb was a non starter and you would be scoffed at. Today however, about 75% of scholars believe Jesus tomb was at least empty and many leading skeptics believe Jesus appeared to the apostles after his death, somehow. Modern scholarship is dating the resurrection story back to within one to two years after the event, completely eliminating the introduction of myth over time theory.

  • (video) The Resurrection Argument That Changed a Generation of Scholars – Gary Habermas at Biola University – Discusses how Skeptic scholars agree Paul’s writings are authentic. Skeptics accept and use the New Testament writings for historical investigation. They agree Paul was a scholar and believe he was in the right place at the right time and new the people involved to be credible.



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