Is God Real? Where is He?

Biblical Scholarship

YouTube and the internet in general are fraught with ignorance, misinformation and story telling, especially when it comes to biblical information. That is why it is important to be skeptical and  check the sources. For example, the agnostic biblical scholar below who is speaking at a freedom from religion conference addresses those who widely promote on the internet the notion that there is no evidence Jesus ever existed.

Christianity takes many hits from Christians repeating information that just isn’t checked, isn’t accurate, or worse, isn’t true.Or you may end up in this position;

There are men and woman who spend their lives studying text, manuscripts, and historical data for accuracy. These professionals  publish in respected journals, lecture, write books and have respected teaching or research positions.

This is not to say they are always right, or that everyone agrees with what they write, but we have to have a foundation of understanding that is supporting what is being said. Otherwise, there is anarchy where everyone is wright and no one is wright.

Scholars use rigorous methods to try and find the truth about what they are studying, just like any scientist would.

If you are interested in reliable biblical scholarship, I have found the sites and scholars below very helpful and very interesting. Many of the scholars below I have had correspondence with.

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