Christians are under siege as their churches are being destroyed bibles and crosses are being burned and they are being pressured to renounce Jesus Christ and pledge allegiance to the atheist communist regime.

Although the Chinese people were granted religious freedoms in their 1982 constitution, their new leader President Xi Pinging is cracking down on on those freedoms.

It is being reported by FOX News that if Christians do not sign the declaration of loyalty to the regime and renounce their faith, they face being expelled from schools and the loss of government social subsidies.

Sounds much like an earlier post I did on the days prophesied about not being able to buy or sell without renouncing Jesus and proclaiming loyalty to a political leader as spoken of in the book of Revelation in the New Testament.


Subjective Moral Values and Duties

I have discussed this in previous posts if you care to have a look. This crackdown is what can happen when the leader of the day dictates his values (subjective) on society. When you ignore God’s objective morals and values things can get ugly very quickly.

Look what is happening in the United States today. The U.S. is a country who’s bedrock principle is freedom of speech, and the freedoms and rights of the individual. People are recognized to have inalienable rights given by God and un-negotiable by governments.

But those freedoms and rights are being trampled by a growing self-righteous band of individuals who  believe their values supersedes other’s. Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, MasterCard and more have all began a campaign to diminish the voices of those who disagree with certain ideologies.

Money transfers are being stopped, businesses are being interfered with, voices are being silences in the public square and universities.

The scary part of this; these rights and freedoms are not being revoked by judges or courts, they are being revoked by individuals and mobs social “justice” terrorists threatening people who won’t comply with certain ideologies.



The justification of the violence and intimidation is their subjective view of moral values and duties to combat hate. The problem is, when differences of opinions are labeled hate.

If you Google “professor calls for Trump’s assassination”, you will read of professors, politicians and media elite calling for and or publicly hoping for the death of the duly elected president of the United States. There is one video of a professor in class pointing here finger as a gun at the image of newly elected President Trump, and saying bang, bang, bang, in front of her students. In what world of morality are these actions acceptable?

What is to come of a country who is teaching the next generation of leaders that anything is acceptable if you believe your fighting hate and injustice?

Imagine what could happen if/when more of these mindsets are in the highest governing positions?



Revelation System Closer Today


Robert J.