Intelligent Design theory is gaining ground among former skeptics. The theory is challenging evolution with a better explanation for the most recent discoveries in biology and cosmology. As Intelligent Design Science moves forward with a new paradigm concerning living systems and structures, exciting possibilities for medical treatments are breaking new ground.


While Neo-Darwinists are busy playing Whac-a-Mole, trying to reconcile new discoveries with evolutionary’s random chance theory, Intelligent design scientists are developing exciting new research programs based on rational design engineering concepts to better understand life’s molecular machinery.

In the video below, Dr. Steven C. Meyer and molecular biologist Douglas Axe, give a fascinating overview of the current state of Evolution theory, and Design theory from a scholarly perspective, not the media view we are used to getting.

They discuss cutting edge Intelligent Design research that Meyer refers to as Intelligent Design 3.0, that may change the way doctors treat cancer. The initial research has shown the death of prostate cancer cells to occur in minutes.

Dr. Meyer talks about a new research paradigm shift from the chance, selection, mutation, trial and error evolutionary mindset, to a design engineering process where it is assumed that what scientists are looking at has been rationally designed.

This video gives compelling, clear, and rational arguments that an intelligent agent is the best explanation for biological life.

Highlights in the video

  • 00:01:17;
    • 2016: The Royal Society Conference
    • Prominent Austrian evolutionist Gerd Muller’s opening talk was called “The Explanatory Deficits of Modern Synthesis [Evolution]
  • 00:03:40; What is Intelligent Design

What Isn’t the Theory of Intelligent Design

  • 00:07:45;
    • Nano Machines & irreducible Complexity that cannot have been assembled in the step by step process of evolution
  • 00:11:30;
    • The Counter Argument to Irreducible Complexity
  • 00:15:40;
    • Argument from Digital Programming Information With in DNA
  • 00:19:55;
    • The DNA Enigma (Where did the machine building information code come from?)
  • 00:25:25;
    • The Origin of Information. Evolution Cannot Explain Where the Pre-Programming of Cells Comes From?
  • 00:31:10;
    • ID 3.0 – Predictions, Research, Junk DNA and Nested coding concepts in cells that are right out of a modern advanced computer programming design manual.
    • “I get an eerie feeling that someone has figured this out before us… same basic design patterns, only the’re being executed with an elegance that transcends anything we’ve achieved.”²[comparing cellular DNA coding with today’s most advanced computer design programming]

    • Prediction: Orphan Genes, Discontinuity confirmed
  • 00:44:10;
    • Using Rational Design principals to Understand and Redesign nanomachines
  • 00:45:05;
    • ATP Synthase Animation, 100,000 RPM rotary motor that powers life, looked at from an engineering perspective.
  • 00:53:40;
    • Re-engineering nanomachines to combat Cancer by Dr. James Tour³
  • 00:59:35;
    • Prostate Cancer Cell Killing Molecular Machine Animation. This drill operates at up to 3 million RPMs
  • 01:01:57;
    • Dr. Doug Axe contrasts evolutionary and Intelligent Design approaches to Cancer Research
  • 01:03:40;
    • Exploiting the Limits of Evolutionary change to Treat Cancer


  • 01:06:00;
  • 01:06:25;
    • Monkey/Human genome similarity
    • Software developers not impressed with argument as they say when they develop code for different programs a large part of the programming is the same for all. The specific programming that differentiates the programs is only a small portion of the overall coding.

Common Descent or Common Design?

  • 01:15:30;
    • Why Has Nothing Evolved That Eats Lignin, despite it being a huge source of potential biological energy?
  • 01:18:00;
    • Has any scientists every created a living organism of any kind, (RNA World)?
  • 01:14:35;
    • What is the difference between micro and macro evolution?
  • 01:23:45;
    • What is the most used argument against intelligent design theory?
  • 01:26:10;
    • What about those who actually read the material and don’t dismiss the theory out of pure objection to the premise.

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  1. Madhav Jagannathan, Ryan Cummings, Yukiko M Yamashita. A conserved function for pericentromeric satellite DNA. eLife, 2018; 7 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.34122
  2. Taken from above video as stated by Dr. Meyer about Brendan Dixon, Computational Biology Researcher, Biologic Institute and Microsoft Architect.
  3. Dr. James Tour, Head Researcher of the Department of Nanoengineering, Rice University. Tour has 600 peer reviewed publications and 150 patents, and named Tour one of today’s 50 most influential scientists [2014].