The bible continues to be confirmed even from the smallest of finds. This time, it is from a writing outside the bible six hundred plus years before Christ.

In 2016, the Israel news reported that a very small papyrus had been found that dates back to the first temple period, 7th century BC. It is written in ancient Hebrew script

Why is this significant? According to Professor and Bible scholar Shmuel Ahituv,

not only is this papyrus the most ancient external biblical source that mentions Jerusalem in Hebrew script, but also, until now, no papyrus documents from the First Temple period have been found in the Land of Israel except one from Murabat creek

The extra biblical writing mentions Jerusalem at a time when critics said it did not exist. It reads;

[hand]maid of the king, from Na’arata, wineskins, wine, to Jerusalem.

What is also interesting, is the other city(settlement) it mentions, Na’arata, or Naarah which we read about in Joshua 16:7

From Janoah it turned southward to Ataroth and Naarah, touched Jericho, and ended at the Jordan River.

The article can be read in full HERE.

It is interesting the number of seemingly insignificant narratives in the bible that are supported by even the smallest of artifacts. If critics of the bible have learned anything, it is to stop saying the bible is fiction.

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