All across history skeptics have been saying the bible is full of legends and myths. Well today, many of those skeptics have been silenced as people, places and events have been corroborated by ancient manuscript and archaeological discoveries.

The video at the end of this post is a fascinating look at how the bible is coming to life with every turn of the digger’s shovel. You cannot watch this video without having your skepticism challenged. I would say that if you are not willing to investigate even a little, the evidence supporting the biblical record, you are not open to evidence and rigid on your own personal ideology.

There will always those who will deny God’s existence, no matter how much evidence is presented. At least until they are standing before him.

Arguments challenging the bible’s veracity are collapsing as contemporary evidence continues to confirm rather than conflict with the biblical narrative. It was argued in the 1800s that the manuscripts were written far too long after the events to be reliable. This being said because the bible at that time was based on manuscripts from the 1100s. By the turn of the 20th century there was found the Codex Sinaiticus, which dated back to the mid 4th century (350 AD). TheseĀ argument gave rise to two new religions, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons. Today contemporary scholarship is having greater and greater difficulty sustaining that position as hundreds of ancient manuscripts have since been found.

Even the worlds leading agnostic, leaning towards atheist, biblical scholar says that the errors in New Testament manuscripts do not effect historic Christian core teaching about Jesus and salvation.

Today, it is practically unanimous among even skeptical biblical scholars, including atheist and agnostic, that Jesus’ was crucified, his tomb was empty and that he was seen after his death by his disciples. Partly due to the evidence that Paul and Jesus brother James, were unbelievers until after Jesus’ crucifixion, and the fact that these men were put to death for proclaiming that they had seen the risen Jesus themselves.


To summarily, and absolutely dismiss the evidence for biblical reliability takes a faith in your ideology that surpasses that of faith in God. I challenge you to take a little time to investigate the RESOURCES page of this blog and my YOUTUBE Channel. Look at what the worlds leading scholars are saying in the fields of science’s like the fine tuning of the universe, archaeology, biology, design in nature and textual criticism.

Double PhD professor John Bloom discusses some of the amazing archaeological artifacts that have been unearthed confirming aspects of the biblical record, that not many years ago, skeptics brushed off as fables.

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