There are many people who really don’t know how much information and evidence there is for belief in God. There is actually more evidence pointing to God than any other explanation for why and how we got here.

The atheist has to believe:

  • The universe created itself from nothing
  • Life’s origin on earth suspended known laws of science by spontaneously occurring from non living matter
  • Every living organism evolved from one single cell
  • The extremely fine tuned universe for life was happen chance

And they have to take this on faith because science has no idea or evidence of how these things happened. They only have hope [Faith] one day they might find the answers

  • No idea how life began on earth
  • No idea how the universe came into being
  • No idea how new genetic information is acquired to build new organs and body parts, or how to get from simple life to complex

Evolution only accounts for small variations in existing species and has never demonstrated the creative power to add complexity to an organism. The many decades old poster child of evolution is antibiotic resistance, but science has shown that this resistance is the result of a loss of information, not additive. For example; a bridge being destroyed so it cannot be crossed.

When you would think that modern science and technology would be confirming the naturalistic beginnings of the universe, and discrediting the biblical idea of a designer, it is exactly the opposite.

I invite you to search this blog which is full of faith building information I guarantee you had no idea existed.

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