Why is there such a Muslim bias in society today? Could it be fear of reprisal not justice that motivates so many non Muslim apologists to speak out? Certainly, if the outrage is based on a sense of justice and inclusiveness, Christians should be treated equally. Sadly, this is not so.

UK Arrests Koran Burners for Racial Hatred

The UK arrested a man and woman Tuesday past when they burned a Muslim Koran on youtube. They were arrested for racial hatred, which is interesting since Muslims are not a race, it is a religion. [DailyCaller]

UK Ignores Christian Bible Burner [Not Racial Hatred]

The bias is evident when you consider that only a couple months ago, a UK rabbi tweeted that he burned a Christian bible, and there was no outcry, no arrest, no racial hatred. [The European Union Times]


It is my opinion that burning a book is not a criminal offense, I don’t care what religious book it may be. At least not in a free society.


Robert J.